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An economic hurricane?

An economic hurricane?
About a month ago, I sent out an email sharing with entrepreneurs within the Empowered Living Community about the warning signs I was seeing in our economy…

As an entrepreneur since 1988, I’ve lived through (and run and built) multiple businesses during some pretty harry times. And I know what the bad signs are and the type of feeling that negative energy puts out…and I’ve been seeing it and feeling it a lot lately.

Apparently, I’m not alone. Jamie Dimon, the CEO of one of the largest financial institutions in the world –  JP Morgan –  just came out and said he is managing his bank to prepare for an economic hurricane.

…And it wasn’t too long ago that he said he thought we were heading for a storm.

As I said in my original email, I’m not trying to scare anyone or overhype anything.

I also don’t believe entrepreneurs should take their foot off the gas when it comes to growth and investing in their business.

But I do know that there are some smart moves entrepreneurs should be making right now to be prepared for what may be some very tough times, as well as times filled with huge opportunities.

I’ll be sharing some of the things I’ve done in my 30+ years as an entrepreneur in another email in the upcoming weeks.

For now, I’d simply suggest you begin to take an honest inventory of everything in your business: your people, systems, vendors, clients, processes, equipment, and resources; and I’d want to know and be able to quantify exactly what value they bring to the growth and long-term sustainability of the business.

Knowing what you have and what your strengths and weaknesses are is critical for the decisions you will be forced to make if our economy continues this decline we’re currently experiencing – which most predict will get worse.

I mean think about it…

Right now we’re experiencing the highest inflation rate we’ve had in 45 years…

Gas and commodity prices are the highest they’ve been in 40 years…

We’re in the middle of the highest non-labor participation we’ve experienced in 40 years…

Look at home prices. They are continuing to inflate, like a bubble…

Interest rates have increased faster than they have in more than 30 years, and the stock market decline has nearly all indices in what’s known as "bear market territory," down 20% from their high.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during tough economic times, it’s this: who you listen to matters, who you surround yourself with matters, and how you manage your own emotional state matters.

I hope to be a voice of calming reason during this time. And I hope you’ll stay engaged with the Empowered Living Community – which is filled with positive people and positive messages – as we go through this difficult time together.

Please be on the lookout for future emails from me with practical tips you can implement into your business and into your life to keep your own emotional state positive and focused on the future.

The universe likes speed

The universe likes speed
If you’re familiar with the DISC assessment, you know that “D” personality types (like me) like speed.

When an idea comes into our awareness, we don’t like to put it off and wait to get started. We like to take action right away.

But it isn’t only because I’m a high “D” that I operate like this.

I’ve found that because the universe is in a constant state of motion –  as the law of vibration tells us –  when we take action right away, the universe rewards us.

You’ve probably heard me use the phrase, “The universe likes speed.”

And it couldn’t be more true.

Think about it like this:

When we have an idea to do something, that idea is still in the intellectual realm.

But if we want to manifest it into physical form, we have to take action and birth the idea into the physical realm.

And we do this by taking action.

But here’s the thing...

Because the universe is in a constant state of motion, opportunities that are here now won’t be here forever.

So we must seize the moment and take action NOW, while these opportunities are still in front of us!

Years back, I knew someone whose employer gifted them with a new driveway for Christmas.

Their boss had simply told them to come up with a plan and blueprint for the layout of the driveway…

How they wanted it to look…What the design would be… What type of materials they wanted to use…

The employer was going to pay for all of it, but the person receiving it simply needed to provide a plan for what they wanted it to look like first.

Not too complicated, right? This was a Christmas gift worth thousands of dollars, and all the receiver needed to do was map out a plan for the driveway…

But guess what?

That person never got around to mapping out a plan…

They never took action. They made excuses one day at a time. They allowed the busyness of their everyday life to distract them from making a plan.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then it became known that they didn’t care enough about the driveway to even have it done.

And so they never got that new driveway.

It sounds crazy and you’d think I made this story up, but I didn’t. This is a true story; one that we can learn a lesson from.

If you delay taking action today, you’ll miss opportunities that are in front of you right now but won’t be forever.

Right now, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform.

It may have begun with a much younger demographic, but people from every generation from all around the world are getting onto this app each day.

And right now, you have the opportunity to jump on the TikTok train and stand out in your industry.

Not only can you get on the app, but you can join me for my TikTok Workshop where I’ll show you how you can leverage it effectively.

I’ve heard some people say that they don’t want to get on TikTok because it’s just for Gen Z’ers.

That’s simply not true.

Perhaps it's more popular among Gen Z’ers, but there are over 1 billion users on TikTok, and that number is made up of people from every generation.

So wouldn’t there be a substantial amount of people in your target audience?

And even if there weren't that many content creators in your industry on TikTok yet, there would still be users within your niche...

So what if you got on now and were first to market in your industry?

What if you took action today and registered for my TikTok Workshop so you can get on the platform with full confidence in your ability to navigate it and market yourself – no matter what industry you’re in?

Click here to hop on this limited-time opportunity!

I’m going LIVE this Saturday, June 11th, from 10:30am -12:30pm (ET).

If you can’t join me LIVE, register anyways and get lifetime access to the replay.

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You’ll be glad you did.

This is what stops people from achieving their goals

This is what stops people from achieving their goals

There’s a common reason why people don’t achieve their goals, and it might surprise you.

Keep reading if you want to know the reason...

Over the years, I’ve spent lots of time helping people set and achieve their goals. And through that process, I’ve noticed a certain pattern…

When people fail to achieve a goal, it’s most likely because 1) they aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to make the goal happen, and 2) because they simply don’t take the first necessary step.

You’ve probably heard it said, “the hardest part is starting,” and I find that to be quite true.

The most vital piece in the process of goal achievement is starting because without it, you don’t get anywhere.

If someone is trying to get better at playing the piano, nothing is going to happen until they make the conscious decision to take lessons.

And to take it a step further, nothing is going to happen after that unless they make the conscious effort to practice what they’ve learned in those lessons consistently.

Let me ask you something… what next step do you need to take to get from where you are to where you want to be?

I took a huge step a couple of years ago when I recognized my need to get onto TikTok.

I knew that it was the next best step for me as a business owner and personal brand. I knew that flocks of people were getting onto the app and still are today. I knew there had to be potential there.

But I didn’t stop there. I learned what I needed to in order to create an account and to create content that would engage my audience and expand my influence.

And today, I’m proud to say I have built my following to 56k followers. And my audience from other platforms like Facebook or Instagram is engaging with me on TikTok. I don't share this to boast, but to prove a point.

Back when I started, I had to become comfortable with the fact that it would take time, consistency, and effort. But today I can say it’s certainly paying off.

And my clients are recognizing it. They’re reaching out to me, telling me how much they love my TikTok videos. It’s allowing them to hear my voice on various platforms – not just on Facebook or Instagram.

Imagine what TikTok could do for you…

You could use it as an outlet to express your creativity and showcase the value that you bring to your customers...

You could use it to keep your voice, name, and brand in front of your customers…

I want to share what I’ve learned with you this Saturday, June 11th in my TikTok Workshop.

And because I recognize the importance of the first step: starting your account – I’m going to walk you through it all in this workshop.

We’ll do it together.

This may just be your next best step to expand your influence on social media and to expand your reach and clientele.

There’s a strategy for leveraging TikTok for your business, and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you this Saturday, June 11th in my TikTok Workshop!

Click here to get registered.

You’ll be glad you did.

And if you can’t make it, don’t sweat it. You get lifetime access to the recording.

Think about it…This could mean the difference between you keeping your current clients and losing them; between attracting new clients or staying stagnant.

The choice is yours.