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“I am so grateful for Paul and the EL Community. Being a part of the EL community for the last three years and leaning into their programs and resources has been so rewarding. In addition to spiritual growth and enhancing my speaking skills, I have also experienced an increase in income each year for the last three years.”

“The Empowered Living community for me was the first place online that felt like a rewarding place to be in, for everyone with the values of integrity, hard work, and excellence.”

“I have been following Paul for more than six years, and his mentoring has completely changed my life. Since then, I went from being stuck in a corporate job in Romania, trading time for money, to being in a position today where I live into my purpose, providing business growth solutions to entrepreneurs and business owners through my own business in Sweden.”

"Paul, and the EL community have added so much value to my life. I have a new level of awareness and perspectives. Since joining the EL community, I have seen how much I have grown and developed personally. Thank you Paul, and the EL community for adding so much value!”

“It has truly been a blessing to be a part of the Empowered Living community. Paul and the team at Empowered Living have poured so much into my life and that has empowered me to rebuild my business and create a wealth of online programs for the youth that I serve. I can't thank them enough.”