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Don't give them the full picture

Don't give them the full picture

One mistake I made when starting off in sales was this: sharing all the features and benefits of my product before even asking what the prospect’s intention was.

This is a mistake I see a fair amount of untrained salespeople make.

They share all of the features and benefits with their prospect before finding out if the prospect is even fully qualified for the product or service they’re offering.

Not only do they waste their prospect’s time, they end up wasting their time.

See, what happens when we do this, is we don’t acknowledge the prospect’s wants, motivators, and needs.

And these are really important things to consider when selling someone.

Instead, we jump into selling them something without even finding out what their problem is, what their motivation is to have that problem solved, and whether our product or service is the right solution to that problem.

There’s a strategy called “Painting The 4 Corners” that I teach in sales. (And I’ll be talking all about it on our next Sales Training call this Saturday)!

It helps you test both the interest of the client and the potential objection of the client – all before you share everything about your product or service.

What this does is leave the prospect to wonder if your solution is truly the best for them…

It also gets them thinking about the importance of having their problem fixed before even hearing about what you have to offer!

And it helps them tap into their why; their motivation behind having that problem solved.

Click here to hear more about what I mean when I say “their why” in a short 60-second clip.

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