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Where do visions come from?

Where do visions come from?

Have you ever had a clear vision of something you desired to bring forward?

Most of us have.

You’ll often hear me use the phrase “hold your image” because I believe there is so much power in holding an image as you bring it forward in your life.

A lot of people will ask me how to bring a vision into physical form. So today I want to share the answer to that question.

And then I want to share a few things that you should be doing once you’ve formed a vision.

First of all, you might be wondering: where do visions come from in the first place?

Well, they always start in the spiritual realm, in the mind of God.

They go from the infinite mind of God into the finite mind of man. It’s transferred from the spiritual realm into the intellectual realm.

In other words, it’s transferred into your mind as an idea.

Think of how powerful that is. There are 7 billion people on this planet and God decided to plant that idea into your mind.

And that idea’s natural lawful form of expression is to be manifest into the physical form. That idea wants to be expressed in and through you!

It’s during this time that you become aware you want to be, do, and have more.

And this is exactly how we are designed to work. To live a life of fuller expression and fuller expansion. To co-create with God.

That’s how visions come to be. And our natural expression as creative beings is to express our vision and to bring it into physical form.

So, you might be wondering…

Once the vision has been transferred from the spiritual realm into the intellectual realm, how can we manifest it into physical form?

That’s a question I get asked a lot…

The first step is simple: you need to write it down. That’s the first physical expression.

…The first step necessary to transfer it from the intellectual realm into the physical realm.

You see, when you write out a vision, you are birthing it. And when you resist writing it down, you’re blocking its ability to be expressed.

When you’re resistant to writing your vision down:

1- You are no longer in flow with the law of perpetual transmutation of energy.

We know that this law flows energy from a higher source into a lower source. (In this case, from the mind of God into your mind, and then into physical form.)

2- You’re resisting doing what you can do.

You are fully resourced to bring this idea forward. You might tell someone you’ll do anything to bring it forward. Well, have you written it down?

3- You’re resisting God.

There are 7 billion people on this planet and God decided to plant that idea into your mind. What are you going to do with it?

Now the question is, how do you take it a step further and convert that image of what you want into a movie?

When it comes to having a healthy and growing vision, you want to make sure it’s evolving.

And images are just snapshots that cover a brief moment in time. But a vision should be evolving, moving forward, and expanding, like a movie.

So let me ask you this: when was the last time you checked in with your vision? Are there any changes that need to be made to it? Do you have a better idea of what it is you want now when compared to a few months ago?

I encourage you to take some time today to think over these ideas and to empower yourself to bring forward your vision.