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How Tom grew his business

How Tom grew his business

Earlier this week, I had one of my mastermind members – Tom Miller – fly in for a vision retreat.

We spent some time looking at the systems he has implemented over the years, and how they have grown his business. And then we spent some time masterminding into the future…

Looking back at the work we’ve done together over the past few years, it’s incredible to see how far Tom has come as a result of growing himself personally and applying himself professionally.

The transformation that’s taken place in Tom and in his business has been monumental, and today I want to celebrate it.

You see, it all started with our first coaching call about 4 years ago…

Tom was trying to get on track with his business and figure out where it would be in 2-3 years. He had a goal to grow his business from 6-figures to 7-figures.

He asked me who he needed to be as a business owner to achieve those goals…

And some of the first questions I asked him related to his numbers…

I remember asking him if he knew what his customer acquisition costs were, or what his accounts receivable number were, and he didn’t.

He wasn’t following a system for generating sales on his top programs…

He wasn’t following a system to track how much time he and his team were spending on projects…. Things were a bit disorganized and tracking needed to be done in order to maximize time and monetize the business.

And so Tom decided he was ready to make the changes necessary in himself and in his business to see it thrive.

And today, I would like to congratulate Tom for the effort he has put into growing himself and his business. I have to say, the results speak for themselves.

Tom has now expanded his business and earned 7 figures in sales, paid off all his debt, and grown in his awareness –  all because he took the time to grow himself personally and apply himself professionally, implementing the types of systems that needed to be in place; building a sales team; setting up a marketing plan, and so much more.…

Tom trusted my guidance and made no excuses when it came to why he “couldn’t.” Instead, he pushed through, even when times were tough.

He has surely come a long way. But to do so, he had to recognize the fact that his business could only grow to the level that he was willing to grow.

He understood that if he didn’t grow personally, he would put a lid on his business.

So he applied himself and cultivated discipline. He did what he needed to do to grow his business and to grow himself as a person.

And he did it even when he didn’t feel like doing it.

There aren’t many people who are willing to apply themselves the way Tom has. And for that, I want to commend him and celebrate his success.

I’ve had several 3-hour coaching sessions with people over the years. And a number of them get off the call but aren’t willing to put in the work to get the results they want.

But when you do put in the work, you get the results you desire. And that’s exactly what has happened with Tom.

One of the most rewarding things about working with people through their journeys of growth is when they have success and achievement – when they win.

Tom is one of those people who didn’t give up, even when things got tough. And now it’s brought him to where he is today.

Tom, if you’re reading this, I want to thank you for the note of gratitude you posted on your Facebook page the other day, thanking me for my guidance and celebrating your wins! I’d like to share it with everyone.