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Here's how to stop going from guest to pest

Here's how to stop going from guest to pest

Earlier this week, I was on a call with one of my private clients who shared an obstacle they were facing...

They were getting hung up on this feeling of not wanting to follow through with someone simply because they didn't want the prospect to think they were being a bother.

They had already built considerable rapport with the prospect, but they were scared of going from guest to pest.

Have you ever felt this way?

Perhaps you were on a sales call with a prospect and they told you they needed some time to think things over, and then they never got back to you...

Well, did you call them back? Or did you decide not to call them back because you felt like you were being pushy?

A lot of us experience this feeling because, as human beings, we don't like to be forced into anything. And we certainly don't want to be the ones forcing something upon someone else...

But the truth is, by following up with someone, you're not forcing them into anything.

Instead, you're reminding them of an important decision they need to make.

Not only that, you’re also providing them with the information they need in order to make an informed decision. And you’re helping them walk through that decision-making process.

What if we stopped lying to ourselves about this idea that every time we follow up with someone, we're being a bother or a nag?

Instead, what if we started to reframe follow-ups like this...

If you’re selling a product you truly believe in and your prospect says “let me think about it,” but you DON’T follow up with them, aren’t you doing them a disservice by not helping them think into this decision?

Truly the most integrous thing you can do is provide someone with a solution to their problem.

So if you know they have a problem and your product can fix it, why wouldn’t you check back in with them and help them become more certain?

If you're in sales, you know that this is what it's all about: helping people make a decision that is right for them - whether that means signing up for your program or not!

Now, I get it. I’ve been in sales for most of my life, so I know exactly what people mean when they say they’re afraid of being pushy, because they can go from guest to pest pretty fast if they approach it wrong.

So allow me to share something that I’ve found to be helpful:

Next time you have a prospect who tells you they need some time to think things through before they get back to you with a decision, start brainstorming…

What’s something you can do between now and then that can help them solidify their decision?

Think about it.

In order to help them cross that bridge to making a decision, specifically to say yes to join your program or to buy your product –  you need to build their certainty.

So, how can you give them a sneak peek into what they’d be getting if they said yes?

Is there a resource you can share with them?

Could you send them a screenshot of one of your best teachings and expand a little bit on it?

Ask yourself what you can do to advance your agenda.

If you follow through without the intention of advancing your agenda, you’re likely going to go from guest to pest.

You see, if you were to send them an email saying something like, “Hey Jim, I know you’re taking some time to make a decision, and as you do, I wanted to send you this free resource. This is just a piece of what we’d be going through if you join my program. I wanted to share how powerful it is.”

Here’s what you’re doing when you’re sending Jim this resource: you’re sowing seeds.

Jim is becoming more familiar with your product and with the value you have to offer. And if you do it right, he’ll most likely become more certain and be more likely to say yes when he does make his decision.

You see, you’re not making his decision for him.

Instead, you’re providing him with a preview of what he’s going to get when he does say yes.

You’re sowing seeds and making him more certain.

Like I said before, it’s one of the most integrous things you can do.

I encourage you to try this method and let me know how it works for you!