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Does tonality really matter?

Does tonality really matter?


We all use them to communicate. When someone uses a particular tonality, it helps you gauge their emotional state.

If you ask someone to go to lunch with you and they respond, “Yeah,” there are many different tonalities they could use as they, “Yeah.”

Even though they’re saying the same thing, it isn’t that difficult to pin point whether they’re actually excited to go, or they’re just doing it out of obligation.

Did you know that something as simple as your tone of voice can be important on a sales call?

Back last year, I shared this with a client who had just started their own journey in sales.

He didn’t know much about sales starting off, but he couldn’t believe me that a simple tone of voice could make all the difference.

…But that was until he applied just one of the 9 tonalities to his sales conversation and came back with a close!

“This is incredible!”  he told me.

Who would have thought by altering his tone of voice slightly, he’d be able to build better rapport with prospects, and in turn close more sales?!

But it’s true…

In fact, there are a total of 9 tonalities that every salesperson should get acquainted with and use in almost every sales conversation!

I can’t share all of them in this post, but I will share one of them.

The questioning tonality.

And I just have to say, this one is primarily used in a different context than you might expect…

Believe it or not, the questioning tonality is used at the beginning of the call when you introduce yourself to your prospect.

Instead of declaring who you are, use an upswing in tonality as though you’re asking a question.

What this does is create a micro agreement in the prospect’s mind that they should, indeed, know who you are.

…Which in turn keeps them on the phone with you and builds instant rapport.

I can’t get into all the science behind it in this one post, but I’d love to share more with you in my 4-part Sales Training that starts in October!

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Stay tuned to discover more of the 9 tonalities!