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Who would have thought I'd do this?

Who would have thought I'd do this?

Driving an RV across the country isn’t an easy job.

But last week, I signed up for it.

You heard me right! Holly, Caleb and Emerson –  our two boys – and Stella and Evo – our two dogs –  packed into an RV and hit the road for a fun-filled camping trip for 2 weeks! Talk about a family vacation.

Update: we've even had a few of our friends stop by the campsite in St. Augustine to spend quality time with us and the boys. Above is a photo of Holly, myself, our friend Keiji from Japan, and Eric and Julia, our friends from the west coast of Florida.

They even brought their two boys with them - who were playing with Caleb and Emerson when this photo was taken. It's been amazing so far to say the least.

I love spending time with my family, but I have to say…

If you were to have asked me this time last year if I would ever spend 2 weeks away from home driving an RV across the country (for the first time ever), I’d probably tell you “no.”

Not only is this the first time I’ve ever driven an RV, but we’re people who typically like familiarity.

When we go out for family dinners we usually switch between 2 or 3 of our favorite restaurants and stick to that – because it’s what we know and love.

There isn’t much risk because we know what we’re gonna get and we know that the quality of the food and the service is going to be exceptional.

Driving an RV for the first time, on the other hand, comes with some unfamiliarity and risk - wouldn’t you say?

As does packing your family up – including your 2 highly-energized dogs – on a 2-week journey into the unknown!

It’s not that I’ve never wanted to go on an RV trip; I find road trips to be quite the adventure – especially when you’re in great company.

I just kept making excuses up until now…

Excuses that it was too complicated to rent an RV…

Excuses that driving an RV for the first time would be a challenge I wasn’t willing to overcome…

Excuses that planning the trip would be too tedious…

Excuses that I couldn’t find enough time in my schedule to take off of work and embark on a trip…

Really, all I was doing was making agreement with the doubts in my mind.

The doubts that told me I was incapable of doing it…

The doubts that told me I was undeserving of taking the time off to enjoy a family vacation…  

But now, we said, “no more!” Those doubts don’t deserve to rule our minds.

So Holly and I agreed it was time to embark on a journey to a new place, into the unknown.

And here we are today.

When was the last time you really wanted to do something, but you found yourself making excuses every time the opportunity came up?

To experience the greatest things in life, we have to be willing to get out of our comfort zone.

… Whether that be in our personal lives, family lives, or professional lives.

Here’s an example of it happening in my professional life.

Over the years, I’ve had to work on getting out of my comfort zone in the sales process – especially when it comes to asking the prospect to seal the deal and make the payment.

If you’ve ever felt a sense of uncomfortableness in this process – which most of us have – I’ll leave you with this invitation.

I’m hosting a 4-part Sales Training in October for people who are serious about getting better at sales and becoming more comfortable stepping into a sales conversation with boldness, ready to ask for the close.

I encourage you to join! (If you haven’t yet enrolled, please take a minute to do so).The first session takes place on October 8th.

And until then, get ready to hear more updates on our family camping trip!