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You need this 1 thing...

You need this 1 thing...

One of the things I learned early on in my endeavors as an entrepreneur – and something that has stuck with me throughout the years, is this:

In order to become successful, you need to find the willpower to take the next step.

But more importantly than that, in order to find the energy and willpower to take the next step toward your dream; to take the next step to achieve your goal; you need to have this one thing….


You need to be absolutely hungry for your dream.

If you follow Les Brown, you know that one of his most powerful and well-known motivational speeches is centered around this topic. It's about the importance of being hungry for your dream.

In fact, this is what he’s known for.

Les Brown grew up in a school system that labeled him educable mentally retarded.

And today, he’s known as one of the best speakers in the world.

And do you know what he attributes his success to?


He was hungry enough for his dream that even when he didn’t see any opportunities in front of him, he spent time preparing himself for the time when an opportunity would arise.

After hearing his story and being personally mentored by Les himself, it’s helped me recognize the power of having hunger.

In case you aren’t familiar with his story, allow me to share a bit with you.

Les Brown had a dream to become a radio disk jockey.

Like I mentioned above, he was labeled as mentally retarded in school, but he had a teacher who saw potential in him and pushed him to overcome his limiting beliefs.

With no college education, he applied for a job at a local radio station in Miami.

They turned him down a number of times, but he kept going back and continued asking if they were hiring.

Finally, he got his way into the radio station with an assistant-type position, picking up coffee and delivering food to the staff.

But one night there came an opportunity that would change everything…

Les was working a night shift and the disk jockey on staff had been drinking alcohol and couldn’t finish his program.

The boss called in and told Les to find someone to fill in…

And that was his opportunity. His opportunity to be on air for the first time.

And so he took advantage of this opportunity and went on air for the first time! Les’ dream of becoming a disk jockey came true that one night when his hunger met opportunity.

But if he hadn’t prepared and been hungry enough for it, he wouldn’t have had the confidence to take the leap of faith.

And now, he shares this story to encourage, inspire, and motivate millions of people around the world.

Now, let me ask you…

Are you hungry?

And more importantly, do you know what you’re hungry for?

Clarity and awareness are the first steps.

Once you know exactly what it is you want, write it down. Make a vision board, hype yourself up, and cultivate your skills in that area so that when opportunity knocks at your door, you’re hungry, prepared, and ready to go!

I encourage you today to think about what it is you’re hungry for and to write down 1 thing you can do to increase your appetite.

Then write one thing down that you can do to prepare for that opportunity so that when it comes, you can be ready.