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The truth about emotions

The truth about emotions

It’s a word that gets thrown around…

People tend to identify themselves with it.

I’m sure you’ve either heard people use it, or perhaps you, yourself have.

“I would consider myself a very emotional person…”

“I’m sorry I’m crying right now. I’m just an emotional wreck. ”


But here’s the truth… we’re ALL emotional beings!

Whether we realize it or not, our minds operate at an emotional level. – no matter how logical we think we are. 

When I teach sales, we delve into human behavior and decision-making patterns.

I teach what science has found: human beings all make decisions in the same way. 

Broken down, no matter how emotional or logical of a person you consider yourself, we all make decisions emotionally and then we justify our decisions with logic.

Now, the question is… how else do emotions play a role in our lives?

Well, emotions are important. But when we don’t understand how to identify or manage our emotions –  or understand the emotions of others –  they can take over and we find ourselves in undesired situations.

For example, imagine you’re having a conversation with a friend or loved one. And suddenly, that conversation turns into an argument.

You feel hurt, you feel attacked, and suddenly you start acting out of emotion and saying things you’ll later regret.

Maybe you’re in a work situation. You’re about to take a corporate office through a leadership training workshop, but the room feels tense. 

Before you walked in, there was some conflict taking place between the team, but because you weren’t there, you can’t exactly put your finger on what is wrong…

So you continue teaching the way you’d planned, assuming everyone is happy to hear what you have to share. 

But it seems impossible to get the team to work together or to open up… 

Your straightforward approach doesn’t seem to be working…

You know what you need in that situation? And in the instance I shared before that, in the conversation with your friend?

EQ – emotional intelligence. The ability to recognize one’s own emotions and the emotions of those around them.

Emotional intelligence is VITAL in every aspect of our lives. 

If you want thriving relationships, thriving workplace interactions, a peaceful inner being and sense of clarity, you’re going to want to develop your EQ. I know I do!

In situations of hurt and conflict, instead of speaking out of the hurt you feel, you take a step back and evaluate what that person said and why it hurt you. And you dig deeper and ask yourself:

Do I have certain insecurities or triggers that caused that? How can I take a moment to process before speaking out of anger? What was the other person really trying to communicate?

When it comes to the workplace situation, you could take a minute to examine nonverbal cues in the room. And ask yourself:

Okay, do these people really seem happy and open to be here? How can I adapt to the emotional climate and ask the right questions? How can I be the dominant energy in the room to guide us in the right direction – without seeming forceful? While still showing them I hear where they’re coming from?

This is some really powerful stuff, and I’m excited to share that our friend and EQ expert, Regina Bryan will be opening up and sharing more insight on EQ this Saturday on Facebook LIVE!

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