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You can't successfully complete anything without THIS...

You can't successfully complete anything without THIS...

Earlier this week, I sent you an email sharing a few ideas from Thomas Troward’s work on completeness.

Since it’s one of my favorite pieces of work, today I want to expand a bit on what I already shared.

If you missed that email, you can read it here.

To provide some context, I shared this one idea from Troward: one thing we fail to do is to contemplate our completeness and our oneness with God.

Instead, how many times do we dwell on the idea that we believe we’re incomplete? That we don’t measure up? That we are incapable of bringing forward that which we know, deep down, we desire?

If you think about it, most of us have experienced this feeling of incompleteness firsthand.

Perhaps you were given an opportunity to be part of something big; something you’ve dreamed about for years. But when opportunity knocked on your door, you didn’t open the door because you believed yourself incapable.

And this aligns perfectly with what Thomas Troward emphasizes in his essay on completeness.

He says, “To do any work successfully, you must believe yourself to be a whole man in respect of it. The completed work is the outward image of a corresponding completeness in yourself.”

Think about how powerful that is.

If we are to complete a project; a dream; a vision; a goal; we need to first find that completeness in ourselves.

Think of it like this.

Everything that happens externally is the result of something that happens internally first.

Think about the room you’re in right now. Whether it’s a picture frame, a table, a couch, a book – no matter what it is, before it was constructed in the physical realm, it was created in the spiritual realm in the form of a thought or idea.

It doesn’t happen the other way around. And it also doesn’t just happen. It requires our conscious effort.

We co-create with God. Someone had an idea to write a book, to build a table, to design a couch, and they had belief in themselves to bring it forward. And then they did it.

You see, what Troward is saying is that you can’t successfully attempt any work until for some reason or another, you truly believe yourself able to accomplish it.

That’s the gap between our ideas and our results: belief.

Our results are a reflection of what we believe about our completeness. It’s a direct reflection of our awareness of our potential.

It’s as simple as that.

So to get better results, it all starts with forming a complete image of ourselves; it starts with cultivating belief in ourselves.

It is impossible for you to have an awareness of a desire and you not be fully complete and fully resourced to manifest it into physical form.

That doesn’t mean you know how to access those resources. You may not.

It doesn’t mean you don’t need to develop those resources. You probably need to get better at a lot of things.

It doesn’t mean it’ll be easy; it’s likely going to be tough.

But all in all, you are still fully resourced to bring it forward – no matter how challenging it may seem.

But the promise is this: you have the capacity to tap into the vibrational frequency of an idea or a desire. And if you can tap into that frequency, you can live in that frequency.

It’s your recognition of your completeness that becomes the measure of your ability to do it.

So my question to you is this: do you have a complete view of yourself? Do you have belief in yourself and in your ability to bring forward your dream?

If the answer is no, don’t beat yourself up. I encourage you to keep an eye out for more emails like this one where I’ll be sharing some more insight on completeness and ways you can start building the awareness of your potential.

I believe in you!!