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Something most economists don't think about...

Something most economists don't think about...

Over the past couple months, I’ve sent you some emails regarding the current economic climate.

I shared some things you can do to prepare yourself and your business for what’s to come.

Yet, in those emails, there’s one thing I haven't mentioned yet.

And today I’d like to tell you what that is.

I was thinking the other day about how most people, let alone economists, don’t even contemplate this idea:

You can do everything you need to in order to prepare for your outer conditions and circumstances (and this is most definitely important), but at the end of the day, no matter what’s going on around you, you can rest in the understanding that nothing new needs to be added to you.

Perhaps it’s a quite abstract concept for the average person to spend time thinking about, but truthfully, it’s the most important thing we need to remind ourselves of.

I mean, something I learned early on from my mentor, Patrick Hayes, is that the "being" comes before the "doing."

And so, during times like these, it’s important to make the necessary pivots in our businesses and lives, but as we make those pivots, we have to remember who we are in our completeness.

We have to be reminded that we are indeed complete and whole, here and now. We are not struggling because we are lacking something, because something is missing from us.

People struggle because they are not aware of their completeness. Nothing new needs to be added to us. Only then can we truly live from the inside out.

I’ll put it this way. There are two ways to live:

The first way is the way most people live. They allow the conditions and circumstances around them to determine how they feel inside. And so they live from the outside in.

But friend, that’s not the way we were designed to live.

The second way is to live from the inside out. To live with a complete awareness of your completeness, and to allow the activation of that completeness to guide your actions outward and to influence your conditions and circumstances.

You see, there’s far more power in being able to first recognize your oneness with God, and then co-create with God.

When you reach that level of awareness that you are complete, as you begin making your preparations, you start to activate more of that completeness within you.

I’ll leave you with this quote from Thomas Troward’s essay on completeness.

"If we wish to attain to these great powers, the question is, where are we to seek them? And the answer is in ourselves. That is the great secret. We are not to go outside ourselves to look for power.

"As soon as we do so we find, not power, but weakness. To seek strength from any outside source is to make affirmation of our weakness, and all know what the natural result of such an affirmation must be."

Think about that. To look outside ourselves is to find weakness, but to search within ourselves is to find power.

Please be on the lookout for more information about a very special teaching coming soon where I’ll be diving deeper into the essay on completeness – to be announced soon!

For now, save the date: August 6 at 9am (ET).