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Most salespeople can’t answer this question…

Most salespeople can’t answer this question…

Sitting around the dinner table story, no knowing HOW to do something, etc.

Here’s a sales question I get asked all the time:

What do I say to a prospect when they tell me someone else is offering it cheaper?

That’s a tricky one, isn’t it?

What would YOU say?

Put yourself in their shoes. If you had a choice to buy a product or service that you were in need of, and two people were offering the same thing for a different price, you’d go for the cheaper one, wouldn’t you?

Obviously people don’t want to spend more money on the same product that they could get cheaper, right?

But the truth is, most people ARE willing to spend more money on different products and services…. In other words, if there’s 2 different products presented to them and they know they’re getting more value in one of them, they’re willing to spend more.

Think about it like this. It’s one of the reasons smartphones have become so popular. You could spend $100 on a flip phone, and you could make the argument that flip phones are cheaper.

Yet, when you look around, you see immeasurably more people on $1,000 iPhones than you do flip phones.

But flip phones are cheaper…

Well, smartphones have more features. They provide more uses and value.

This all goes to show that when you articulate your value to your prospect, and you deliver that value through your product and service, they won’t care so much about the price – they’ll be happy to do business with you.

So, what’s a good response to the objection: “Someone else is offering it cheaper,” you might ask?

It would be to ask your client if there’s a difference between the two services offered: the person who’s offering it cheaper, and yours.

Most often, they’ll tell you that there’s something unique about your service, which is why they’re on the phone with you in the first place.

Try asking them whether that other product has them interested enough to talk on the phone with someone for as long as they’ve been talking about it with you…

I tell my clients that the best way they can become prepared with an answer to this question is to get better at understanding the value you offer, and articulating that value.

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