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Long-term progress in all areas of your life can only happen in tandem with personal development. Learn powerful, proven life lessons to help you reach your goals, develop your identity, and master your mission. Join Paul Martinelli as he inspires and informs you towards growth and wholeness.

Individual Empowered Life Lessons Include:

The Creative Power Of Your I AM

Learn to use the power of your words and your subconscious mind to create the life you desire.


We are each individualized expressions of GOD. Understand the power of contemplation in your life and realize that we already have everything we need.


Discover how to operate in your fullest expression, avoiding self-imposed restrictions that hinder creativity, purpose, and joy. Break free from “playing it safe.”


Learn to expand your leadership and how this impacts your ability to influence and shift your role from “positional” to “pinnacle” thinking.


Confusion creates uncertainty, or a lack of understanding, which in turn creates a state of bewilderment in your mind. Learn to move from confusion to clarity in 5 simple steps.

The Myth of Risk

It’s not what we can do but what we will do that counts. Uncover how to effectively shift your awareness from risk to potential.


Learn the importance of being kind to yourself, the steps you need to take to fight the inner judge, and how to defeat old patterns of negative self-talk.

Problem Solving

Problems are opportunities for us to become the solution, rather than seek a solution. Learn about solution-based thinking to improve your problem-solving skills.

Seven Levels of Conscious Awareness

Awareness is the first step in transformation. Examine the seven levels of conscious awareness as a tool for growth and how to apply them to core areas of your life.

The Power of Your Brain

Change happens from the inside out. This is the only way true, sustained, and permanent change is made. This lesson will show you to bring clarity to your thinking and understanding.

How to Use Your Brain

Only when we learn to energize the higher brain centers can we reach our full capability. Discover how to overcome your limiting beliefs so you can fulfill your God-given potential.

The Art of the Deal

Examine ways to secure your next business relationship and answer the question of how many of us lose enthusiasm or self-sabotage on an all-too-regular basis.

Things We Learned From Our Fathers

Self-reliance can be learned whether you have a father in your life or not. Learn the lessons that Paul and Roddy learned (or didn’t learn) from their fathers.

Five Reasons We Think the Way We Think

Change your thoughts, transform your results. Challenge your old beliefs, uncover your blind spots, and allow the truth to set you free.

Influencing the Outcome: Over-Delivery Is Under-Rated

To add massive value, you must be able to solve your client’s problems while providing transformation and clear benefits that only you can bring to the table.

Influencing the Outcome: Ten Steps of the Buyer’s Journey

Influencing the outcome is about making it easy for the buyer to say YES. Learn key strategies for building a business using the Buyer's Journey to influence the outcome.

Influencing the Outcome: Creating Hunger

Learn the key principles for driving hunger for your products, services, and program.

Your Infinite Potential

You have infinite potential! There is greatness within you! Once you recognize this simple truth, you will never reach a limit to where you can go or what you can accomplish.

The 3 Attitudes

In this lesson, learn the three phases of acquiring a new behavior (including the attitudes that accompany each) so it becomes an automatic element of your behavioral repertoire. 

Seek Ye First

Learn to use the spiritual laws of the universe to have all your needs fulfilled. Plus, discover an exercise to help you promote internal congruence and breakthrough in your life.

The Power of Positive Habits

Explore the basics of Positive Outcome Patterning and other effective habit-forming processes to create the positive life you really want to live.

Walking In the Truth Of A Quote

No matter how unresourced or incomplete you or your clients feel, you are fully resourced. Nothing new has to be added to you in order to take your next step in business or in life.


Discover the principles to guide you into discovering your authentic marketing voice. Learn how to speak to your community and use your voice to be a movement-maker.

How to Overcome Anxieties, Fears & Phobias

Fear and anxiety triggers the brain to fight, flight, or freeze. In this lesson, you will learn three powerful and effective exercises to overcome anxiety and reset your brain to its calm state.

The Lawful Process Of Goal Achievement

When thinking of your goals, you should never question whether you are worthy of them. The real question to ask is: “Are your goals worthy of you?”

Mindfulness & Meditation in 3 Minutes or Less

This lesson demystifies the practice of meditation – the ability to become physically relaxed and mentally aware – and teaches a simple strategy you can use multiple times each day.

Seven Steps to Emotional Freedom

Explores the thinking-feeling feedback loop that keeps us stuck. Also, learn how to view your emotions (and emotional responses) through the framework of Albert Eliss’ A-B-C model.

Five Key Stages of Growth

This lesson provides you with a framework to both understand the cyclical process of growth and identify where you are in your own journey, as well as guide you to transformation.

Ride the Fear To the Life of Your Dreams

Unpack the body’s complex fear-response and learn strategies to not only change the way one feels (emotional memories) but also how to rewire one’s own brain circuitry.

Success Made Ridiculously Simple

Success Made Ridiculously Simple demystifies the path to success by providing three key elements necessary to attain your personal version of success.

You Get What You Believe

Every thought has ancestry. This lesson challenges you to take personal inventory of the ancestry of your beliefs and leads you on a journey to change your thought patterns.

Ten Things Your Dream Needs

What does your dream require of you? EVERYTHING! Discover the 10 Things Your Dream Needs AND the 10 Things Your Dream Will Give You In Return. 

Seven Lessons Learned From Networking With An 11 Year Old

Receive simple and doable actions that you can implement to help you reap the benefits of a networking event, make connections, and ultimately grow both your business and yourself.

Authentic Journaling

Authentic Journaling will allow you to give voice to that which is emerging from your soul. Learn (and help your clients learn) to ask yourself self-reflective questions that examine your core values and beliefs and connect you with your Creative Source.

Success Leaves Clues & BE Simple, not Smart

You can learn from the negative and from the positive, but you need to know how to look (and listen) for the right clues from people who have already achieved the results you desire.

Fight For the Best Deal & Never Forget People Are Your Best Asset

When you are fighting for the absolute best deal, you are fighting for a common win. Plus… take care of your people, empower them, and create opportunities for them to grow within your organization.

Best Ideas Win & You Are the Leader

Focus all your energy on getting it right, not on being right! Plus… quick decision-making builds confidence in you as a leader.

Suffer In Silence & Don’t Treat Everyone the Same

No one wants to hear their leader complain, so seek counsel outside your team! Plus… forget about trying to be fair because not every person in the organization is a “diamond.” 

Hunt, Hunt, Hunt! & Create A Common Enemy, Create A Common Cause

Have a relentless pursuit for top quality people. As soon as you see talent, hire them! Plus… create and rally around a shared emotional experience for your team.

Good, Better, Best & Your Job Is To See the Future

Learn why the demand for perfection is the killer of an entrepreneurial dream. Plus… as an entrepreneur, it’s your job to be a futurist (not a historian or reporter). 

You Have to Lead At Home & The Future of Partnerships

Don’t allow the price you pay as an entrepreneur to be your own health and lost time at home. Plus… discover why any partner must have knowledge that you don’t have and would take too long to learn.

Set Them Up to Win & Enslave No One

As an entrepreneur, don’t just win but learn to set your team up to win! Plus… don’t manipulate people into making big decisions or life choices are not in their best interest.

Immunity to Change - part 1

Many of us spend too much of our lives playing small, underestimating our own potential while giving too much control to limiting beliefs. In this lesson, learn to challenge your status quo and embrace your “future positive.”

Immunity to Change - part 2

The desire or decision to change is drastically different from change itself. Discover why your subconscious beliefs of self-image and self-worth are where true change happens and how to affect positive change in life.