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The universe likes speed

The universe likes speed

If you’re familiar with the DISC assessment, you know that “D” personality types (like me) like speed.

When an idea comes into our awareness, we don’t like to put it off and wait to get started. We like to take action right away.

But it isn’t only because I’m a high “D” that I operate like this.

I’ve found that because the universe is in a constant state of motion –  as the law of vibration tells us –  when we take action right away, the universe rewards us.

You’ve probably heard me use the phrase, “The universe likes speed.”

And it couldn’t be more true.

Think about it like this:

When we have an idea to do something, that idea is still in the intellectual realm.

But if we want to manifest it into physical form, we have to take action and birth the idea into the physical realm.

And we do this by taking action.

But here’s the thing...

Because the universe is in a constant state of motion, opportunities that are here now won’t be here forever.

So we must seize the moment and take action NOW, while these opportunities are still in front of us!

Years back, I knew someone whose employer gifted them with a new driveway for Christmas.

Their boss had simply told them to come up with a plan and blueprint for the layout of the driveway…

How they wanted it to look…What the design would be… What type of materials they wanted to use…

The employer was going to pay for all of it, but the person receiving it simply needed to provide a plan for what they wanted it to look like first.

Not too complicated, right? This was a Christmas gift worth thousands of dollars, and all the receiver needed to do was map out a plan for the driveway…

But guess what?

That person never got around to mapping out a plan…

They never took action. They made excuses one day at a time. They allowed the busyness of their everyday life to distract them from making a plan.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, and then it became known that they didn’t care enough about the driveway to even have it done.

And so they never got that new driveway.

It sounds crazy and you’d think I made this story up, but I didn’t. This is a true story; one that we can learn a lesson from.

If you delay taking action today, you’ll miss opportunities that are in front of you right now but won’t be forever.

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