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Sales Mastermind Bootcamp

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Sales Mastermind Bootcamp

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Here's What You Get:

2-Day, In-Person, Sales Mastermind Event (January 14-16, 2022 *dates subject to change based on hotel availability*)

With Paul's help and direct guidance, you will:

  • Come away from the Mastermind with your very own finished script for YOUR own product or service, that follows the exact scripting model that Paul uses to sell hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.
  • Use your own finished, customized sales script to role-play with Paul and his sales faculty to practice and perfect the sales conversation to sell your product or service.
  • Understand which tonalities to use in each section of your script, and you will be coached through the use of each tonality by Paul and his sales faculty.

Lifetime Access to the Sales Masterclass (16-hour course)

  • In preparation for the 2-day Live Mastermind, you will be given lifetime access to our Sales Masterclass.
  • This course establishes for you the perfect foundation to maximize your learning at the 2-day Mastermind.

Bi-Weekly Calls with Paul and His Sales Faculty (September-January)

  • Rather than just giving you the Masterclass to go through on your own, Paul and his team are going to walk you through it.
  • Paul and his faculty will be leading bi-weekly teaching and Q&A calls between September and January, so you can get your questions answered in real time
  • These calls will be recorded and downloadable

Lifetime Access to Paul’s 4-Part Sales Refresher Course

BONUS 1:Virtual Workshop With Paul Martinelli

  • Virtual workshop with Paul (October) on creating an offer that maintains rapport, defines your client’s problem, and provides their perfect solution.

BONUS 2: Tandem Sales Call with Sales Team

  • Have one of Paul Martinelli's Sales Team Members join you for a 30-minute sales call with your prospect to help you implement this sales system.