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The Brain Revolution Certification Program Pre-Sale

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The Brain Revolution Certification Program Pre-Sale

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2 Monthly Payments of $1,298.50

 3 Monthly Payments of $915.67

The Brain Revolution is a calling. A calling to overthrow the status quo of mental health, and bring a scientific approach to building better brains designed to function in favor of what we want. With two of the most celebrated professionals in neuroscience psychology, Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, and Joseph McClendon III, PhD, this collaboration is built on the expertise of their combined 60+ years of groundbreaking research, bestselling books, celebrity clients, and dedicated work at the highest levels of the industry.

This program is designed to do two things. First, equip you with the knowledge you need to revolutionize your own brain so that it works FOR you. Second, to give you the tools allowing you to help others do the same. In a time where mental health has never been more critical to our physical vitality, and vice versa, it’s time to listen to the experts and revolutionize how we treat our brains, shape our minds, and show up in the world. The Brain Revolution is guaranteed to transform the way you think, feel, act, and achieve, then equip you to guide others in doing the same. It only takes a spark to start a revolution. Be the spark.

What will your Pre Sale purchase get for you?

  • Joseph McClendon III, PhD Neuro Encoding Certification
  • Daniel G. Amen, M.D. Brain Health Certification
  • Become a "Founding Revolutionary" and get early access to the certification materials (on or around 3/22)
  • VIP access to the Brain Revolution Summit on 4/10
  • Digital copy of Joseph McClendon's "Awesome Sauce" book
  • Hard copy of Dr. Amen's "Your Brain Is Always Listening" book
  • A full personal development course from each expert
  • Affiliate status