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The 2022 Sales Bootcamp is now open for registration.

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The Proven Billion-Dollar Sales System

Paul’s billion-dollar sales training system is uniquely designed to meet you wherever you're at in the sales game -- just starting out or a seasoned professional.

This program is unlike any other sales program with a foundational focus on mindset, proven to help you develop absolute certainty in your company, in your product, and in yourself, so you can transfer that certainty into the mind of their prospects and close more sales.

Based on the science of influence, this program takes an in-depth approach on the knowledge and application of the nuances of tonalities, language patterns, and scripting.

Say goodbye to your typical one-and-done sales training which research proves you will forget within seven days of learning.

This unique program, on the other hand, takes you through a 4-month process that ensures maximum retention and application of what you've learned.

This billion-dollar system has stood the test of time and is especially relevant in the economy we’re living in today, where top-line growth is essential to the survival of any company.

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