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Emotional Intelligence

Why EQ Makes All The Difference!

  • EQ is 400% more powerful than IQ when predicting a person's level of success and achievement.
  • Emotionally intelligent leaders possess qualities that drive their teams to exceed expectations on a consistent basis.
  • The average adult can only identify 3-4 basic emotions when describe how they're feeling (this equates to a very low level of EQ).
  • With low EQ, you are far more prone to make emotional decisions that will take you off course from your goals, intentions, and values.
  • All industry leaders are realizing the fundamental role that EQ plays in their company's overall performance and are seeking SOLUTIONS for the EQ deficiency.

If You Are DISC Certified...

DISC is a powerful assessment tool to measure behavior and communication, but without EQ, it simply misses the mark.

When combined with EQ, DISC becomes complete. It allows you to dive deeper and take into account values, intentions, and overall emotional intelligence which are critical components of behavior and communication styles.

Discover and utilize our dynamic assessment that integrates EQ into DISC!

The EQ Project - Certification Package

A Comprehensive Certification to utilize for both your own personal development and to help your clients increase their depth of growth!


  • Certification as an EQ Specialist & Coach
  • License to Teach the "Introduction to EQ 90-minute class"
  • "Introduction to EQ" PowerPoint
  • Transcripts of the recorded "Introduction to EQ" class for preparation and presentation purposes
  • License to Teach 3-hour "Deep Dive EQ course"
  • "Deep Dive EQ course" PowerPoint
  • Transcripts of the recorded "Deep Dive EQ course"
  • Marketing assets, including promotional emails, social media copy, & thumbnail images for branding
  • Access to Core EQ Assessment as well as brand new DISC & EQ Assessment
  • Online Account to manage your clients' assessments, including instant access to assessment keycodes and assessment results
  • 2 Monthly Group Support and Teaching Calls led by Regina Bryan, EQ Lead Faculty
  • 1 Monthly Group Debrief Call, led by Regina Bryan
  • BONUS: 4-part video training on understanding and teaching the EQ Assessment and EQ Coaching Method (these videos will be recorded and you will receive lifetime access)
  • PAY IN FULL BONUS: 3 Assessments - Starter Kit
  • Coming Soon: Comprehensive EQ Coaching Guide
  • Coming Soon: EQ & Conflice Management Program

Deep Dive EQ Package - Personal Study

& Bonus Assessment Package

Complete your own personal assessment, participate in a group debrief and attend a deep-dive 3-hour workshop to comprehenisvely understand the process of improving your emotional intelligence.


  • Receive your own personal comprehensive EQ Assessment
  • Be invited to the group debrief call to review your assessment results
  • Access to the 3-hour deep dive recorded workshop to gain a comprehensive understanding of EQ and how to apply it practically in your life

Personal EQ Assessment & Debrief

Complete your own personal assessment plus participate in a group debrief to go over your assessment results for maximum application.


  • Receive your own personal comprehensive EQ Assessment
  • Be invited to the group debrief call to review your assessment results

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