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Leading Yourself & Others

If you can't influence, you can’t lead. Your success as a leader boils down to how you influence those around you. In this bundle, your clients will learn to develop their people into their greatest asset, including how to nurture them, invest in them, empower them, and ultimately take care of them.

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Lessons Included

Success Made Ridiculously Simple

Success Made Ridiculously Simple demystifies the path to success by providing three key elements necessary to attain your personal version of success - for you and for your clients.

How to Increase Your Influence

Learn to expand your leadership as well as how this impacts your ability to influence and shift your role from “positional” to “pinnacle” thinking. Help your clients take this crucial step!

The Lawful Process of Goal Achievement

    When thinking of your goals, you should never question whether you are worthy of them. The real                   question to ask is: “Are your goals worthy of you?” Walk your clients through this process of self-discovery.

Time Tested Success Strategies: Principles 3 & 4

When you are fighting for the absolute best deal, you are fighting for a common win. Plus… take care of your people, empower them, and create opportunities for them to grow within your organization.

Time Tested Success Strategies: Principles 5 & 6

              Focus all your energy on getting it right, not on being right! Plus… quick decision-making builds confidence in you as a leader.