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What is praxis?

I’ve been contemplating the concept of praxis recently.

Praxis is the integration of thought and behavior. It’s the process through which an idea or a theory is enacted, embodied, or realized.

It really comes down to a congruency between our thoughts and behaviors – an integration between our ideas and our actions. When our thoughts and behaviors are congruent, we are much more likely to experience a sustained change in our lives.

What happens is we begin to trust ourselves. We develop a heightened level of discernment of our internal intuitive signal - that intuitive part of us that is always accurate and in harmony with what is emerging in our lives.

You’ve probably experienced this when you were going full force on an idea, putting it into action. You felt a certain sense of internal confidence and certainty that told you what you were doing was moving you in the right direction, that it was the right next thing for you to do.

This is because you were being guided from a higher source within you, right?

Your thoughts and ideas were integrated and congruent with your behavior and action.

…And when that takes place, you enter into this realm of being able to move forward in your life at the speed of trust; trusting yourself and that voice within you, guiding you forward.

You know, quite frankly, I spent a lot of time developing this within myself, this ability to make a decision quickly based on my gut feeling, this inner sense that it’s the best decision for me to make in that moment – even when I don’t have all the logic and reason to back it up.

And it’s why I was able to pivot my business so quickly when COVID - 19 hit. Without apparent interruptions, I was actually able to come out ahead of where I was, before the conditions and circumstances around me had changed.

My business has grown substantially over the last year. And I don’t say that to impress you, but rather to impress upon you that as you too develop this ability to take confident steps forward, that are in harmony with the vision and purpose for your life, when you trust that guiding voice within you, you too can create extraordinary results that everyone around you is saying would be impossible to create.

So, how do you integrate your thought and behavior? How do you reach this point of praxis as you live out your life?

I believe the first step is to get acquainted with, and familiar with, that inner voice within you; that voice of intuition, that voice of God, that inner guidance system (whatever title you want to give it). It’s the understanding of this higher source and this higher awareness that is within you.

Because when you start to hear that voice, trust that voice, and take action on what that voice is telling you, that’s when huge shifts begins to occur in your life.

So, sit down with a pen and paper and take a few deep breaths in… and out. Then, just begin to write. Write down all the thoughts that come to you and allow it to flow.

Don’t judge, don’t second guess, don’t criticize yourself for thinking a particular thing or for writing a particular thought; just allow it to flow.

And as it flows, you will open up that space within you, within your conscious awareness, to allow yourself to recognize that intuitive voice within you.

Maybe it sounds crazy or just wishy-washy, but I’m telling you – this works.

And I’m telling you, when you can bring this together and when you can integrate your thought and behavior, and align them with your purpose in life, you’ll trust yourself in new ways and you’ll become willing to take courageous steps forward to bring positive change to your life.