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The 4 Fundamental Beliefs of Empowered Living

The 4 Fundamental Beliefs of Empowered Living

Life is full of seasons. We experience changes in our circumstances sometimes more than we would like. But that’s the nature of how this world operates. 

We are always changing; our lives are always changing; circumstances and conditions are changing.

Regardless of the changes that take place, both collectively in our community and individually in our own lives, one of the things I love about the Empowered Living Community is the fact that we are grounded on 4 fundamental beliefs. These are 4 beliefs that I have come to adopt in my own life and growth journey, and from which Empowered Living was birthed and founded.

...And it’s through these 4 fundamental beliefs that I make each decision about how to build this community; they are at the center of the teaching we provide; they are the basis for deciding which thought leaders to bring to our community; and most importantly, they are the foundation of each step we take to grow collectively and to create a community of true empowerment for every single person that chooses to engage.

If you’re new to Empowered Living, I think it’s important that you understand what these 4 fundamental beliefs are – and ultimately decide if you want to align yourself with these beliefs. 

And even if you’ve been around for a while, let me remind you of them as an encouragement to you, that you may know you’re in good company and that together, we are growing and making an impact in this world.

The first fundamental belief of Empowered Living is that YOU ARE FULLY RESOURCED! 

That means that the God who created everything in the universe; the stars, the planets, Mount Everest, the Sahara Desert, the Grand Canyon; that is the God who created you

And God only creates two ways: perfectly and abundantly. What this means for you, is that nothing new needs to be added to you. You are already fully resourced from within, by a perfect God who creates perfectly.

Sometimes, it’s simply a matter of shifting our awareness and choosing to see and utilize the skills, talents, abilities, giftedness, and resources already within us.

The second fundamental belief is that YOU HAVE INFINITE POTENTIAL.

I know a lot of personal development gurus throw this around, and people see it as ‘pie in the sky’ thinking, without any real substance to it, but I truly do believe that you have infinite potential. 

Just as you are fully resourced, you can be, do and have anything you desire in life. 

So often, as we grow up and are surrounded by people who have clouded vision and can’t see their own potential or yours, we are brainwashed with the idea that life can only be so good, and that the good that we desire in our lives is not really possible or attainable for us – “maybe it is for you but not for me.” 

Does that sound familiar?

I hope this is an encouragement to you. As you join arms with those in the community, know that together we believe in your infinite potential and we see it in you; so, borrow our belief as you build your own belief.

The third fundamental belief is that YOUR DREAM IS REAL. 

It’s not a Disney dream. It’s not some fairytale that could never come to pass. The only reason you have the dream that you have is because it's been placed within you for a purpose. 

Remember, thoughts are things. Everything you see around you in this world, whether it's the chair you're sitting in, or the table you’re resting your arm on; it started as a thought and a dream before it took physical form. 

Edison thought of the lightbulb before he created it. EVERYTHING around you was a thought in the mind of someone before it was created in this physical world. 

Your thoughts are real. Your thoughts are things. Your dreams are real. They simply need to be nurtured as real, and not discarded as something impossible. 

The fourth fundamental belief of Empowered living is that we believe YOUR DREAM CHOSE YOU. 

We don’t believe you chose your dream. We believe it chose you. 

As much as you have a dream, it has you.

Close your eyes for a moment and just think about what it is that you truly desire in your life. What type of relationships do you long for, what kind of freedom are you seeking? What impact in this world do you want to have? That dream, those desires, have chosen you. 

And so, the question is, what will you do about it?

Here’s the thing. If you don’t do anything with your dream, your dream will go somewhere else. It will find somebody who is going to bring it to life. 

It has nudged you; it has connected you with this community of like-minded individuals and encouragers. 

But what are you going to do about it? What step are you going to take to bring your dream into reality in your life and in this world? This world needs you to live your dream!

Whatever it is you desire, whatever your dream is, know that your dream is designed to have a greater impact than just in your life. The ripple effects of you living your dream are more than you can imagine. 

But, if at a certain time you fail to take steps toward your dream, it assumes it’s not wanted, and it goes somewhere else.

This community is all about standing with you in your dream, believing with you in what it is that you desire, while helping you to live a truly empowered life – empowered for you, and empowered for those around you. 

So, at the end of the day, just remember, 1) you are fully resourced, 2) you have infinite potential, 3) your dream is real, and 4) your dream has chosen you. 

I remember being at a place in my life where I didn’t believe in any of those things, and I was living in great struggle. 

I didn’t believe that anything good could come of my life. And with the help of just a few key individuals who influenced my thinking and helped me to see things from a new perspective, my life began to change. 

And I thank God every day that those people came into my life, because they opened my eyes to my own purpose and to my ability to live out that purpose. To help awaken those to whom God has placed in proximity to me, to help you see your full potential and the God-given skills, talents, abilities, and resources within you.