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Plant a tree today

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” -Chinese proverb

 This proverb captures an essential truth. Though you may read it and become reminded of the things you wish you would have done 20 years ago, the quote itself is not meant to incite regret inside of you. 

 Instead, it reveals a greater truth about doing things now to reap a harvest later.

 The truth is, time is going to pass, whether or not you’re intentionally doing things today to better yourself.

 Instead of feeling regretful for not taking action 10 or 20 years ago, ask yourself what you’re doing here and now to grow and expand your life; to turn your dreams into reality.

 Ask yourself what you’re doing today to get to where you want to be tomorrow.

 Even if you didn’t take the right steps 20 years ago, the good thing is, another year will pass. Another 10 years will pass. Another 20 years will pass. And when that time comes, you will ask yourself if you took the right steps to better yourself and your future. You will ask yourself if you planted that tree. 

 I want to encourage you with this thought: don’t get discouraged if you don’t see your hard work paying off right away. 

The Law of Gender governs the way we think, behave, and create our lives. And it states that there’s a gestation and incubation period for all things; how we grow, develop, and expand our lives.

 As you begin to take action today, know that your actions will build upon each other and go through a gestation and incubation period before you start to see results. It won’t happen overnight. 

Even if you don’t celebrate the fruits of your labor now,  just as a farmer plants a field of corn, the farmer waters that field day in and day out for weeks, if not months, before he sees any growth (above ground).

 Instead, he understands the Law of Gender. He knows what’s developing beneath the surface, so he provides his field with nutrients for growth. He is patient, and in due time he celebrates the reaping of his harvest.

 I encourage you to plant a tree today so you can celebrate the fruits of your labor in due time.