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One reminder we all need

One reminder we all need

Do you know what’s a challenging thought for the vast majority of people to wrap their head around?

…The truth that nothing new needs to be added to you. You are complete, whole, and fully resourced as you are. You’re not lacking or deficient. In fact, you’re connected to the source of all things, to G-O-D—The Grand-Overall-Designer. And you have been created in the image of God, who only creates two ways: perfectly and abundantly.

That might be a lot for you to take in, so if you need to pause and re-read what I just wrote, please do so.

And maybe even just stop right here and take 5, 10, or even 30 minutes right now, to just think on that— to reflect on the truth of who you are and whose you are.

It took me a long time—more than half my life— to come to grips with this truth about myself. And to be honest, it’s still something I need to revisit and remind myself on a regular basis.

And I think that’s how it is for each of us, no matter how far we’ve come or how much success we’ve created in our lives.

What’s really helped me is having just a handful of key people in my life speak truth to me, reminding me of my abilities, my potential, and that I am fully resourced here and now, just the way I am.

Do you have someone like that speaking truth into your life?

This Saturday, I’m continuing a teaching that I started last week. It’s based on a mentoring program I put together called Fully Resourced.

If you need an injection of truth in your life, or maybe just some encouragement and a reminder of your full potential, join me this Saturday, May 22nd, at 9:30am (ET) on Facebook LIVE. And allow me to speak into your life.

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Here’s what I can say… and this is the rule of thumb I’ve used for any mentor in my life.

I will listen to someone and do what they tell me to do if they have the results I’m looking to create in my own life. And I’ll do what they tell me to do unless I learn that they’re either lying to me, or are crazy.

And I can tell you, this rule of thumb has served me well. It has given me the space I need to activate my faith and step forward and take action, even when I couldn’t see how that action step would move me closer to what it is that I wanted in my life.

I trusted my mentor and my guide, and sure enough, each person who has maintained that role of integrity in my life has helped me move forward in tremendous ways.

So again, let me invite you to join me on Saturday, May 22nd, at 9:30am (ET) on Facebook LIVE, right here.

>> www.facebook.com/empoweredlivingcommunity

Even if you want to just "try it on for size," go ahead. There’s no commitment needed. Come check it out. And if what I’m sharing resonates with you, join me again. What I’ve found is that truth will always resonate.