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Most people make decisions in the WRONG way

Most people make decisions in the WRONG way

The quality of your life really comes down to the quality of the decisions you make.

Every decision you make moves you in a particular direction. It either moves you toward the place you want to go, or away from it; towards your goals, or away from them.

The truth about decision making is that most of us have been trained to make decisions based on our logic.

And when we’re only using our logic to make decisions, we are only using our IQ.

Our IQ and the logic that stems from it is primarily based on our stored past knowledge. And that stored knowledge has come to us and been developed in our minds from our past experiences.

When you limit your decision-making based only on past experiences, past results, past failures, and even past achievements, you put yourself into a box that cuts out the full range of possibilities for your life.

…In other words, you limit yourself.

But here’s the truth: your past experiences do not equal what’s fully possible for your life.

So, what if you started using a different approach when it comes to making decision-making? Instead of starting with your IQ, which looks at the “here and now,” what if you started with your SQ - your spiritual intelligence?

Your spirit is evenly present in all places at all times. And it has access to the full picture: the truth of your infinite potential, the truth of the resources available to you, and the truth of what you’re capable of creating in your life.

If you began making decisions from this starting point of accessing your spiritual intelligence, you’re then able to tap into your imagination and your intuition, which sees bigger, further, and grander than your logic ever could.

What difference do you think it’ll make in your life if your decision making was based on this, rather than being based on your past conditions and circumstances?

How would that change what you do today, tomorrow, and quite frankly, for the rest of your life?