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Imagination has a negative side?

Imagination has a negative side?

“The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man.” - Napoleon Hill

The power of your imagination is beyond reason. It’s almost beyond comprehension. Napoleon Hill writes extensively about this in his book, Think & Grow Rich.

He goes on to say that “man’s only limitation within reason lies in his development and use of his imagination.”

If you think about it, we all use our imagination every single day, whether we realize it or not, whether it is being used subconsciously or consciously.

You wake up in the morning and you think about what you want to wear. You imagine yourself throughout the day, you consider the activities you’ll be doing, and how you want to feel.

Whether you’re deciding to dress professionally, in sports attire, or in loungewear, you’re imagining a future state that you’re going to experience, and you plan your wardrobe accordingly. So, this is one way we use imagination.

The negative side of imagination is worry.

Worry is when we focus on a future negative. These can come in the form of conditions or circumstances in the future that don’t feel good, and that aren’t in harmony with what it is that you want. These ideas are in fact the opposite of what you want.

Worry is when we focus on those things and when we imagine those particular negative scenarios taking place in our lives.

And the funny thing is, those events, circumstances, and conditions haven’t even transpired yet, and we don’t even know if they ever will.

But we so often worry ourselves sick (quite literally), imagining all the possible negative scenarios that could play out.

What are you worried about today? If you stop for a moment and reflect on what it is you’re thinking about, are you focusing on what it is that you want in your life, what it is that you desire, or are you focused on the exact opposite; on what you don’t want to happen?

On what you don’t want to feel and experience?

Imagination is a powerful tool and it is used by every single person on the planet.
And as I said before, it is used both intentionally and subconsciously.

So, let me encourage you to pause for a moment today and to shift your focus. Take about 5 minutes and use your imagination to imagine a future life that you truly desire for yourself.

That’s where manifestation begins; in the conception of an idea that starts in the mind.

As Napoleon Hill said, and I truly believe, “your only limitation in life is in the development and use of your imagination.”

So, why not develop your imagination, and program it to focus on what you truly desire, rather than seeping in worry and fear, day after day.