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A dose of both the Paul's

A dose of both the Paul's

One of my favorite quotes of all time is by Wayne Dyer, and he says: “If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you.”

I love this quote because it really speaks to the power of our intuition.

Whatever name you assign to God, whether it’s the universe, the source, or something else... I believe we can all agree that there is indeed a higher power in this universe, a source of all creation, a Grand-Overall-Designer.

So, don’t get hung up on the title or the name, but let’s instead focus on the truth of this power.

Through our intuition, we have access to all the wisdom in the universe.

I’m sure you’ve experienced times where you felt a nudge - that internal nudge to do something, to act on an idea, or even the opposite. Perhaps you experienced that sense that you should be wary of someone or something or maybe some event or place.

... And you know, sometimes we trust those nudges, and other times we ignore them. And when we ignore them, I think it’s fair to say we reap the negative consequences.

So, what is your intuition, really? Your intuition is one of your 6 intellectual faculties.

I have really worked on developing a heightened sense of awareness of my intuition, my internal intuitive signals. And I really do believe those “messages” or “gut-feelings” are from God, from that higher source in the universe.

And here’s the thing… if you can learn to access your intuition, including how it is connected to the workings of your brain and your subconscious mind, you will automatically begin to trust yourself at a much higher level.

And when you trust yourself like that, you’re able to move quickly on decisions, you’re able to take steps forward with certainty, and you’re able to produce results that the vast majority of people never produce… because they’re stuck in their uncertainty, and they’re stuck second-guessing themselves at every turn.

This Saturday, I’ll be joined by Dr. Paul Scheele in a FREE lesson (FREE for a limited time, that is,) on the process of tuning into your intuition, and its connection to your brain and your subconscious mind. Or as Napoleon Hill puts it, “your sixth sense.”

Dr. Paul Scheele speaks from a background in neuroscience and psychology. He’s a master at unpacking the inner workings of the mind and understanding preconscious processing to help people activate their inner genius.

I promise you if you spend an hour with Dr. Paul Scheele and me, I know we can help you build that inner confidence, and that ability to tune into the answer you’re seeking (that is already within you), and help you trust yourself to take the next meaningful step forward.

We’ll be going LIVE at 9:30 am (ET) on Saturday, right here.

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